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Now you can finance startups and protect tokens in DEX from 1 GCT2

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In Golden Cloud Token you can buy BTC, WAVES, ETH and many other currencies in the Exchange section.

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Rent your WAVES in GCT2-NODE and get monthly profitability in GCT2, WCT and WAVES

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Platform: WAVES

Country: Spain

10.000 GCT2

2.500.000 GCT2

Beneficio/Año: 5.00%

Inversión mínima: 500 GCT2

Platform: ETH

Country: Spain

- GCT2

- GCT2

Soon here!

Platform: -

Country: - ?

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Invest in Startup tokens
The future is built on Blockchain.

With Golden Cloud Token you can obtain a return by buying Startups debt. If you have a project, you can also list it here. Use our calculator to calculate your profitability.


Golden Cloud Token [GCT2] is our token. With GCT2 you can invest in Startups through the P2P Banking section. Take advantage of investment opportunities worldwide with our platform.


You can buy Startups debt with the annual return that we indicate or buy cryptocurrencys from Startups to buy and sell directly in your market with GCT2. Finance these Startups and get returns according to the indicated interest.
* To buy GCT2 and other startup currencies, you will need to have Bitcoin, Ethereum, WAVES or Monero.

More about GCT2

GCT2 is a democratic currency to invest in Startups  


Golden Cloud Token [GCT2] is a digital currency that allows you to create an investment network for promote the economy of new businesses ,    grouping ideas by returns or depending on the location of the project. This is not crowfounding , this is a giant business angels . If startups are successful, they will succeed with them, since they do not donate money, exchange it for digital currencies that allow them to finance these projects and obtain profitability

Symbol: GCT2

Decimals: 8

Id: 9DYPDwvwxmUjtdKtEdfk8eUMmG43H1G8AUBpYoiZcPc3

Platform: WAVES

Quantity: 3,500,000,000 GCT2

In circulation: 5,000,000 GCCT2

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