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GCT2 is the cryptocurrency of Golden Cloud. His creation was the

If you know nothing about cryptocurrencies, we give you a brief summary: A cryptocurrency is a digital exchange medium that uses strong cryptography to secure financial transactions, control the creation of additional units and verify the transfer of assets, cryptocurrencies have a decentralized control, that is, decentralized control of each currency works through a decentralized database, usually a chain of blocks (in English blockchain), which serves as a basis for data on public financial transactions.                                  

Buy GCT2 with your wallet: Click here to create a free wallet and have access to the purchase of GCT2 and other currencies registered in Golden Cloud.

Yes. It is a non-stable digital asset, therefore it is subject to market price variations.


Attention: If you have no experience in using digital currencies, we recommend that you research and train yourself before buying any cryptoactive.

It's very easy, first of all you have to create a GCT2 portfolio.

Once you enter your portfolio, you must buy cryptocurrencies in an exchange. We enable a section to this effect. You can compare Exchanges to see which is the best rate depending on the cryptoactive you want to buy or go to this section where you can buy cryptocurrencies with your credit card .

Withdrawing the money is very simple

Here you have a video tutorial on how to transfer your money to a Coinbase account. We recommend this Exchange for its reputation and reliability: Video Tutorial to withdraw money

To get the money from Coinbase to your bank account, we refer you to the official Coinbase documentation, where you will have all the information and support necessary to withdraw your Video tutorial to withdraw money from Coinbase to your bank

A 'Wallet' (from portfolio in English) is a virtual space to house your cryptocurrencies.


Here is a video that explains what a wallet is

If you have not seen the previous video, we recommend you watch it. Now the bank is you.

P2P BANKING is a market where selected Startup companies are listed on a platform that is Golden Cloud Token's responsibility. If these startups succeed, you will succeed with them!


There are two ways to start part of Startups as an investment partner, you can buy your cryptocurrencies in our P2P BANKING area or buy Dividends that give you a monthly return, this product is unique to Golden Cloud Token [GCT2], and it means that there are very valuable Startups after some tokens. We must finance your ideas to make money with them!

Access your wallet to start investing in Startups Enter your Wallet now

If you are interested in investing in Startup, we advise you to read in detail the information of each company, you can find it in the main page


Once you are convinced of the project and its profitability, enter your Wallet to buy coins or dividends from each Startup

Access your wallet to start investing in Startups Enter your Wallet now

If you are a Startup and want us to list your token, you must complete this form Registration


We will review your application and contact you as soon as possible.

You must have GCT2 to complete the registration. Enter your Wallet now

To lease your WAVES in GCT2-NODE copy and paste our address in "Lease" section on your wallet: 3P9tQwZTSgiYNA789hdXzHuGzVTh4eFLrJq

For each 100 WAVES -- 10 GCT2 or equivalent in WAVES

For each 1000 WAVES -- 150 GCT2 or equivalent in WAVES

For each 50 WAVES -- 5 GCT2

Address: 3P9tQwZTSgiYNA789hdXzHuGzVTh4eFLrJq