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What is Golden Cloud Token [GCT2]?

Golden Cloud Token [GCT2] is an asset that is currently working on the WAVES blockchain. The objective of GCT2 are two:

In Golden Cloud we allow the possibility of investing in Startup, developing a file where the data of the businesses listed in our platform are collected. We will also create an own portfolio and we will enable a market in Golden Cloud with these Startups. You can finance these Startups in two ways:

- You can buy coins directly: You can buy and sell Startup coins whenever you want in the DEX enabled in your Wallet

- You can buy debt from these Startups and get a monthly profitability in GCT2. Go to the "Startups" section of your Wallet, choose the project that you like and choose the financial product that most interests you according to its profitability.

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Is GCT2 stable?

No, GCT2 fluctuates. The main reason is to allow connection with companies outside the system. Our intention is not to create a separate world, it is to improve with more profitable and successful proposals to that part of the obsolete and rich world.

Characteristics of GCT2

Name / Symbol: Golden Cloud Token / GCT2
Algorithm: **_Waves Platform
Token Supply: 3,500,000,000.00000000
Max Supply: 3,250,000,000.00000000
Circulating: 2,000,000.00000000
Re-usable: Yes
Date of Issue: 08.06.2017
Decimal: 8
Commission: 0.001 WAVES
Block Time / Type of mining: 1 min / PoS
Explorer: See more

GCT2 official website:

Our official website is:

Create your wallet

If you already have a WAVES wallet you can access it with our portal, because GCT2 works in the WAVES blockchain.

If you do not have it, you can create one in one of these two links:



List your token

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Lease your WAVES in our mine

You can lease your WAVES and get GCT2 in our mine: 3P9tQwZTSgiYNA789hdXzHuGzVTh4eFLrJq

Where to buy GCT2

GCT2 works in the WAVES blockchain. You can buy GCT2 in one of these two links:

- Portfolio of GCT2:


Galería de Golden Cloud Token

Datos de Golden Cloud Token

Fundación: NOVIEMBRE / 2017

Estado: Buscando financiación

Localizaciones: España

Telegram: Pulsa para entrar

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Services of Golden Cloud

  • Investment
  • Banking
  • Bussines Angels
  • Exchange
  • Tradding
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Programming

Annual profitability of Golden Cloud Token


Annual profitability